How We Assist Our Customers

The staff of Whispering Pines Cemetery is here to assist you through the interment and post interment processes. Our services include providing grave spaces, lots and headstones.  We have served the community since 1975 and appreciate your business.

Our Mission

Our staff will guide you through the process step by step. Whispering Pines Endowment Care Program offers terms that would fit your lifestyle and budget. The program has no credit check and in-house financed. Our consulting team wil walk you through the process.

Endowment Care Program

Our endowment care program is designed for customers to prepare and manage interment cost, while funding the overall maintenance and perpetual upkeep of the community cemetery. This is achieved through pre-purchase grave sites.

The benefits to our clients are:

- Selection of grave location in predesignated endowment care memorial gardens.

- One-time payment or over time purchase options to acquire gravesite(s).

- Multi-gravesite purchase to collocate all family members together within cemetery property.